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On-Site Tires relies on brand loyalty, repeat business, and the generation of new leads for the success and growth of its business. The goal was to increase lead generation through advertising in two markets of their business: the Dallas/Fort Worth and Denver metropolitan areas.


On-Site Tires’s markets have very different audiences. It was crucial to research the way consumers went about investigating tire prices and services. The Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area tapped into a much more vibrant car culture, including rallies, races, and national car shows. Denver metropolitan area focused on car shows as well, but seasonal weather changes and road conditions were a better focus for marketing campaigns. Once we noticed the major trends and their differences in the two markets we looked into the top market competitors. This allowed us to research the top search words used in their advertising strategies to incorporate and build upon them for our marketing plans. 


Boulder Digital Media’s first step was to make sure all of the SEO for On-Site Tires’s website was in line with top search terms utilized in the tire change or tire shop market. Once we honed in on the SEO on the backend we moved to Google and created both the Search and Display campaigns. The incorporation of SEO terms was essential to the success of the Google Ads campaigns because they inform the search algorithms how to correlate the website to your audiences. The search campaigns were structured for each demographic and included an AdSet centered around the top selling tires in each market.

The next goal was to set up acquisition ads on Facebook. Creating the proper target audience was the main focus. Geotargeting and targeting based on interests were the two top focuses for the campaigns. At first we utilized media from their Instagram feed, using the posts with the highest likes and comments, to create the ads. This garnered some traction for a short period before we noticed advertisement fatigue set in. The images were iconic and stylized, which seemed to stop resonating after a few weeks. We then changed the images to those provided by the tire companies associated with On-Site Tires. These worked even less well, so we refocused the ads to promote the employees and the business itself, rather than the service and benefits. This was a huge success. We also discovered that with On-Site Tires specifically and surprisingly that carousel ads did not perform well.

Once these campaigns were established and running with adequate traction in both markets, we expanded the brand marketing by incorporating sales and promotions into the AdSets when supported by the tire companies working with On-Site Tires. Though these ads never perform as well as the static images we found success within they helped allay ad fatigue in the target audiences. When the promotional ads are running the static ad always sees a spike in performance even with the ad-spend split between the two.


Once the ads got footing in the first half of the year we saw an overall increase in leads generated of 265.79% over last year. This led to an increase in Year-Over-Year revenue of over 75%. The ongoing benefits of these marketing campaigns are still unfolding and leading to new discoveries in potential marketing strategies to help grow the business.

Client Feedback

"I engaged Boulder Digital Media to help me at first with Google PPC and later with Facebook, Re-targeting and Instagram. Jake took a hands on approach to our needs and allowed the time to get to know our business and our needs. As a direct result of Jake's efforts the number of people contacting us and our sales are up. We are potentially looking at doubling our sales over last year. I highly recommend Jake and Boulder Digital Media."


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